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Fri, Dec. 23rd, 2005, 04:21 pm
driving_up_85: (no subject)

Oh god I am in such a hilarious mood at the moment and I have no idea why because I have been christmas grocery shopping three times today (we forgot stuff) and usually I would be screaming at this point but today it was all incredibly staisfying because of the degenerating standard of trolleys and the fact that the lettuces are "iceberg" lettuces. hahahahahahaha!!!!!

i decided that in true christmas spirit i would rip off sharne and jess and say something incredibly flattering about all us LJ-ers, heaped with sickening amounts of seasonal festivity.

so starting the list. if i forget anyone i apologise sincerely. please forgive me because i am in a precious state of mind at the moment.

is generally the most fantastic person on the planet to hang out with. we agree on nearly everything despite not really having a lot of the same interests (house, teehee, hahahahahaaaa). plus i have known her for *counts on fingers* ...10 years. woot. we must have an anniversary get together and reminisce over cheap wine and cheese crackers. she is also just so well organised and is (seemingly) perpetually un-overwhelmed. nicola, you are brilliant.

alison is just so sweet and generous and lovely and self-effacing, which is very becoming. we understand each other very well and despite the fact that i have not known her for long, about 2 years since we actually started hanging out due to bio and then ext2, i love spending time with her and am going to miss her very much when she goes to austria. alison is the kind of person who would give you tea and sympathy with sincerity.

lil and i get along really well because we have so many of the same interests. we both obsess so easily and are disillusioned by the importance of things. i think i have said this so many times and there is absolutely no ulterior meaning in this, but 'back to you' by john mayer always reminds me of lil because we obviously both really like john mayer, but also because it is such a sweetly understated song.

todd has such pure, happy, blind optimism that by some process of diffusion (osmosis?) he somehow makes everyone else feel good.

though i havent spent a whole lot of time with jess, she seems like the kind of person who'll laugh at you, have fun with you and come through when you need her most. (lame, i know)

chloe is so lovely, funny and well-intentioned that i could, quite frankly, never be angry with her.

i share so many fond memories of art with phoebe. and to me, phoebe and the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind are synonomous. synonomous as in wonderfully companionable and sweetly yet profoundly bizarre.

iv known karmen now for what, two years? but in the last year we've spent so much time together through art and modern and house that i think i know her pretty well and she is the most fantastically, amusingly, narcisstically lovely person in the world.

pat is a moron.

just kidding. i like pat, he's a twisted bastard with a good sense of humour and a healthy appreciation for the bizarre-ness of life, making him fun to hang around.

i havent spent much time with sharne but she makes me laugh and she doesnt take herself seriously. whenever we speak we've always gotten along really well because she's a very natural, instinctive person.

georgie is like todd in that she has this kind of optimistic outlook which i deplore in its absence in me. she is hilarious and witty and always makes the best of a given situation. undoubtedly fun to be around, and simultaneously very kind, compassionate and generous.

i feel like iv forgotten someone.

let me know if i have.


Mon, Oct. 10th, 2005, 10:31 am
dudeskie: (no subject)

[blatantly copying Sharne]

Sharne, I love you because I can always always rely on you to tell me the truth about anything. And because I always end up telling you everything that I am thinking at a given moment because you just somehow have this way of making me feel like I can trust you with anything.

Georgie, I love you because with you everything is funny. And because when things are serious we both seem to have the same threshold for how long the serious can last and can make a joke at a time when anyone else in the world would get offended. I also love how no matter how much things change, we kind of always stay the same and I can prove this by simply saying "I'll have three large fries, three large cokes, three apple pies and - hey what do you guys want?". If you found that amusing, then I guess we aways will.

Karina, I love you because you are by far the most accidently hilarious person I have ever met in my entire life. 'Because look: on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off.' Point proven. Also because as much as you claim to be so blissfully shallow (but I know you aren't completely.) Which I love because then we can both be blissfully shallow together and no one is going to hound us with real meaning because they all know it is so very lost on us.

Lil, I love you because you were my first real friend in high school, even if at first we were both too shy to actually say anything more that 'hi, can I sit next to you?' for about a month. Other than that, I find it incredible that so much can happen, and we can be so different but in the end, when we're hanging out together, it feels like we're exactly the same.

Todd, I love you because you are the nicest person I have ever known. Just being around you makes me so unbelievably happy. And I don't think you have any idea how happy you make many people. When I see you excited and happy immediately my mood picks up a thousand percent.

Pat, I love you because even though we haven't talked extensively in a long time, I am glad that there is someone I can talk about certain things with and they won't think I am incredibly lame. I love the way you can care so deeply and passionately about some things, but in the end when it gets too much you can always look back and laugh.

Kathryn, I love you because I have very recently discovered your general fantasticness. We never used to talk that much, but recently I have found myself in many random conversations with you and I love the way you seem to have a well thought out opinion on everything and are never afraid to say it (or even demand that you are right!) I have always admired that about you. I also love that you are jsut really fun to hang out with and talk to.

Karmen, I love you because I am so incredibly jealous of how talented you are. Your art major was amazing and I just can't understand how someone can be able to make something look so cool!

Phoebe, I love how you are probably the most stylish person I know, and yet remain so unobnoxious about it. You always look so fantastic and funky and can pull things off that I could never even attempt to. As well as this you are the scrabble queen and I am so in awe of how you can concentrate for so long. I am sorry I was such a crappy partner!

Nicola, I love your snide remarks. They are always so amusing and one step ahead of what I was thinking. You also make me feel bad when you post photos of all your study notes and it makes me attempt to start making notes (even though I end up failing and coming on here to write long entries proclaiming love for everyone!)

Leesie, I love how wrapped up in things you get and how you organise amazing days such as the Amazing Race for us all! You get so passionate about things which I think is adorable.

Alison, I love how you seem so lovely. I don't know you very well, but from those times that I have talked to you I see that you really are lovely and you seem like you have so much to share, but at the same time you seem kind of restrained. I think that if you knew how wonderful and talented you really are you would share that with everyone even more.

Wade, I love how you always have something pleasant and upbeat to say to everyone, and the way it is always so genuine.

And Sharne, another one for you - I love your user picture ♥

Mon, Oct. 10th, 2005, 09:46 am
mindxofxmyxown: (no subject)

that guy inspired me to update and tell you all what i love about you.

jess, i love you because when you smile, i feel like everything is right with the world.

phoeebs, i love you because even though we aren't close friends, i can still have fun with you.

lil, i love you because you were my first real friend at this school, and despite all we've been through, you have stuck by me.

alison, i love you because you are just hilariously forgetful... even when i seem annoyed, i am still laughing on the inside.

karina, i love you because we can make anything fun - even running! and because we will forever be drunk buddies.

wade, i love you because you always have something nice to say, and you put things into perspective for me.

nicola, i love you because without your snide remarks, legal studies would have killed me with boredom. (and because you seem to be a lot more friendly to me lately!)

kathryn, i love you because you aren't afraid to say what you're thinking (and in that we are very alike).

karmy, i love you because you are an art fag your hilarious jibes make the world spin on its axis. i don't think you realise how funny you are.

leesie, i love you because without your giddy presence, the natural balance of this place would be completely overturned.

georgie, i love you because you can turn anything into some sort of joke.

pat, i love you because despite being a bastard, i know it's all in good fun and it's the occasional moments when that shines through that remind me why i would do anything for you.

toddy, i love you because you are my favourite boy in the entire world - you make me happy when i am sad, feel safe when i am scared, and laugh when i am crying.

and new guy, i love you because you aren't afraid to join a community which is quite clearly filled with a bunch of school kids... haha.

Sun, Oct. 9th, 2005, 04:29 pm
_reuters_jasper: (no subject)

It's because of people like you that prevent the world from becoming a hollow, shallow, self-destructive world...kudos to you and I hope I find a few of you or people like you in my part of the world. Peace.

Sat, Mar. 12th, 2005, 08:44 pm
dudeskie: Todd

By the order of dear Georgina:

Todd is a darling who was my first hug of the year. Todd, ma chere, I love you with all my heart as I am sure you know because you are, and forever will be, my illicit lover homeboy.

and hearts colon

Sat, Feb. 26th, 2005, 06:30 pm
mindxofxmyxown: (no subject)

Jess is my pal bud.

Thu, Feb. 24th, 2005, 07:14 pm
driving_up_85: (no subject)

Nicola is the greatest overall person ever